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I have been working as a developer in the web industry for the past 5 years. In that time I have come to love the challenges and uniquness that comes from creating great websites.

I grew up in South Africa, and after completing an Honours degree in Computer Science in 2009 moved full time into web development.

I get great enjoyment from crafting beautiful and functional websites. I enjoy the challenge of finding the simplest and neatest way to solve a problem. I want to create sites that both clients and users love to use. I usually choose function over form. And usability comes first.

I currently work for a small startup company based in Vancouver, Canada as a frontend developer. We are developing a collaborative social network for professionals called yWorld. I am currently in the position of lead developer where I get to plan and develop features. As well as work with and lead other frontend developers.

I enjoy working with on the frontend, but I am no stranger to the backend. I work closely with the backend to develop new features and plan data formats and technical specifications. In my first job out of University I was tasked with creating a custom in-house content management system. And I can say that after 2 years of work on it I had learned a lot and am still proud of what I accomplished.


Stephen Pitchford

Frontend web developer. Lover of AngularJS and all things web.