New beginnings

I recently started working full time as a front end developer. We needed to create a single page, javascript driven website. The site would interact with a server through ajax requests so a solid framework was needed. After much research I settled on AngularJS since it seemed to be well thought out and provided some powerful and useful features. Although there are other javascript MV* frameworks that provide similar features, it was my choice and I thought I would go for it. Needless to say, I do not regret my decision.

I will not do a comparison between Angular and other similar frameworks since I have not spent much time trying any other frameworks and would therefore not give you a good comparison (there are plenty of comparisons out there already). AngularJS does however take a nice approach to MV* design pattern. I know a lot of people like to define a framework into some category such as MVC, MVVM, MVP etc. However angular is indifferent. Igor Minar, one of the great writers of Angular recently posted on Google+ saying that he’d rather see great apps built than spend time arguing about what category to put the framework in. And thus declared the framework as MVW (Model-View-Whatever) meaning you can decide how you want to use it.

I would definitely say it’s a framework that’s worth researching. There are a lot of great resources available and I have listed a few below:

Getting Started - AngularJS’s own developers guide - A great blog full of examples and explanations!forum/angular - Official AngularJS Google group
Resources - A collection of jquery plugins usable in Angular with no changes. - Great examples of AngularJS applications - AngularJS API

Stephen Pitchford

Frontend web developer. Lover of AngularJS and all things web.